Art Licks Weekend 2017




Art Licks Learning 2016 tour of festival, school group visiting AMP. Photo: Sam Nightingale

Art Licks’ learning strand aims to encourage the understanding, appreciation and development of contemporary visual art in London for local communities. Through its tours, workshops and discussion events, Art Licks promotes learning, understanding and the value of risk-taking galleries and self-organised initiatives.

Art Licks collaborate with schools and local community groups to facilitate tours and artist-led workshops, hoping to inspire young people to consider higher education and career paths in the arts.

Tours for local schools or groups

Following the model of the existing Art Licks Tours, this is an opportunity for your class or group to walk and talk their way around the Art Licks Weekend. Led by Art Licks, you’ll see a selection of the exhibitions and we’ll arrange for some of the artists, curators or gallerists to be there to meet you, answer your questions and tell you their stories. Talk to us about the topics you’re currently studying and we’ll do our best to plan a bespoke tour for you.

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